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Make your car's rear window wiper look like a dog or cat with a wagging tail!
Wagging Wipers offers a wide variety of fun dog and cat vinyl car stickers designed to make your vehicle's rear window wiper look like a wagging tail when the wiper is turned on. The animal stickers are approximately 10 inches tall, so they are large enough to be noticeable, but small enough so they don't obstruct your vision.

Please click on the dog or cat category option from the menu at the top of the page to see a complete list of breeds.  After selecting your favorite dog or cat, you will be able to select from a choice of design options.

Wagging Wipers only work for wipers that are at the bottom of the window.  Please check the placement of your wiper prior to ordering.

Many people ask if the sticker will interfere with the view of the driver.
Here is a photo of the sticker as seen through the rear view mirror.

To test before purchasing, tape a piece of paper about 10 inches by 4 inches to the window.